Step 1
Please issue all your drawn information to us so we can assess the works. This can be done at enquiries@myloci.co.uk. We will advise if there are any gaps or further information required to enable us to give you our price. 

Step 2
Within 10 working days we arrange a safe site visit to meet you and to ensure we don’t miss anything in our proposals.  If you prefer we can arrange to do this via a virtual meeting.

Step 3
We will issue you a fully costed proposal, alongside a schedule of materials so you know what you are buying.

Step 4
Ideally we would like to meet so that we can discuss our proposals and ensure that you are happy to proceed and discuss start dates, programmes and anything specific that you need.

Step 5
Advise of any further actions that may be required such as a building regulations application, final structural designs or simply continue to work with your architect to achieve these.

Step 6
Following your satisfactory confirmation we issue paperwork for your project including a final formal price for contract purposes, the contract, final design drawings and a detailed programme and cashflow.

Step 7
Upon commencement of the works we will issue our precommencement report and continue to update fortnightly on progress and any design decisions that will need your approval. 

Step 8
Upon completion we will ensure that your project is snag free, all appropriate warranties and certificates are signed off and that you are 100% happy.

Step 9
Once we have left we will follow up with you to ensure that you are completely happy. Follow ups take place 3 and 6 months into the first year, by arrangement, after we have completed your project.


I utilised Copperleaf originally on my home project because of the standard of work undertaken by them on the much larger project for my workplace. Now the project is coming to a close I thought I would write to tell you how pleased I am. The extra requirements imposed by the Planning Authorities, as the house is Grade II listed, have been beautifully met. We have had many comments, some from complete strangers, about how well the new structure fits with the character of the house.

Christine Fisher